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Postby fat cherry » Sat Aug 26, 2023 2:59 am

Went to see Sleeper last night. Mainly because it was at the local venue and had some BOGOF deal care of the lottery - so they've finally put that to good use. Suppose there's better reasons to see a band but it's nearly all folk around here so you get what you can when some proper band comes along, and if it's jingle jangly nineties guitar pop, then I'm in.

Having said that it was a great gig. No doubt who's band it is with Louise wener in the middle. Great voice and as I mentioned those guitars. Only know a couple of songs I have on compilations but it was all good stuff. You know when Liam oasis said Chris Martin looked like a geography teacher, well they all do - apart from the bass player who looked like he'd just got off tiling someone's roof. Though actually he is the bloke from the prodigy and is about 7 foot tall so I'd better be nice (also don't want to get told off again by you know who, eek). Slightly odd merch stand, posters from 25 years ago, a calender, tee shirt -that didn't seem to have the band name on, though louise was wearing on, so.., you know, - and a book written by the guitar player based on his PhD thesis. Rock n roll man.
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Re: Sleeper

Postby TenNewPence » Sun Aug 27, 2023 7:07 am

I only know Vegas from a Shine compilation
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