Five Years

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Postby Mr. Brian » Tue Oct 19, 2021 7:21 am

fat cherry wrote:
Mr. Brian wrote:And I know this is sacrilege but I do prefer The Stooges 1997 mix of Raw Power over Bowie's original version.

The program I watched kind of wanted to tell all about everything but could have been cut massively to make a more interesting story, but just before Mrs FC called time they were talking about the Bowie production of the Iggy albums and how nobody involved liked it much. The management company (mainman?) wanted the singers, but not the bands (the old tom parker thing that any old musician will do) so out went the stooges and out went the spiders. Lou was already on his own. Mind you I was flaking by this time so I may have this wrong. So maybe not sacrelege. Not sure any of that makes any sense. I'm deffo losing it.

I just figured that the hardcore fan would prefer the original because that's what they were used to for 30 years. I just got to the part where Bowie wanted to meet Iggy. I thought this was a good place to head to bed. It's really hard to believe they made it that far. They all seemed so inept but I guess they were in the right places at the right times with the right drugs and had determination which got them noticed. Bowie's intervention really changed the timeline for Iggy Pop that's for sure.

(Trying to keep this decade old thread focused on Bowie :lol: )
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