Johnny Rogan gorn & Mojo

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Johnny Rogan gorn & Mojo

Postby fat cherry » Sat Mar 27, 2021 9:57 am

I see from the latest mojo that johnny rogan, aka jonny rodent (attrib johnny marr - not sure about the Hs there) has died. Only read the moz/maz book which I recall was quite good. Only warranted a one liner. Apparently that nice man morrissey once wished him dead. Well.....

On another note I was guilted into buying said magazine when having a quick peruse in the local supermarket I was obviously in someone's way as I could see them hopping about in my peripheral vision so I moved away and having covered the magazine with my disease ridden hands thought I 'd better take it with me. I tink I might write to them about having yet another article about the effing beatles.

On another norte - Bit at the end about when someone joined a band and then left is fairly feeble - Japan. Now I've always thought Dave Sylvian was a bit of a wanker - no offence inteded, all seemed a bit put on, plus Mrs FC (80s lineup) thought they were great and would often suggest I listen to his brill words, but all I heard was this knock off bowie wannabe and I took it as a hey this bloke is singing my life and you're ruining it by being a wanker - though I could have misread the intention there but seemed to intensify running up to the end. Anyways the subject was Dave's brother and it seemed they were going to pack it in anways when their manager said, how about a lucrative world tour, live album etc and a bag of cash at the end. So they put their musical - and so it happens not-so-musical differences (Dave was bonking Mick's ex-girlfriend, in that she had left the bass player for the singer (oh come now, I'm sure girls prefer bass players to singers, right?) ) aside, kerching and split up the next year. Daves brother went on to make 'ambient' albums. Might give that a listen. Hang on - perhaps that was more interesting than I thought at the time of reading. Anyways, johnny rogan, one of the very mant people moz hates, has died. ... n-obituary
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Re: Johnny Rogan gorn & Mojo

Postby Kounelaki » Sun Mar 28, 2021 12:39 pm

Thanks for another great read, FC. And thanks for the link to the Graun article.

A new record shop selling old records didn't seem to care when I told them that Japan shouldn't be filed under industrial. :razz:

Ryuchi Sakamoto was handsomer than David Sylvain anyway. :razz: :wink:
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