Youth on Meteorites

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Youth on Meteorites

Postby NOF » Sat May 27, 2023 4:33 pm

Exceptional record. Great experience producing this.
Why does Liverpool create such incredible artists and bands ? Is it because she’s a city made of ‘heads’? People obsessed with music, or is it because shes the first port of call from America or the Irish influence? Or the warm hearts, maybe the hard and sharp gallows humour! Probably all these things and more …
Ian has a beautiful voice, a deep baritone that seduces you into the dark sublime and is an incredible writer, his lyrics turn all the hurt and pain into poetry and his performances are legendary.
The band and guitarist Will Sargent, are very influential and Ian is rightly considered one of the greatest singers in the world and Will one of the greatest guitarists. Working with artists of this caliber is a privilege and a huge educational trip.
They are Gods in America.
This wasn’t an easy album to make but it’s one of their best. Ian is challenging and comes with a fierce reputation but also a big heart of gold.
We agreed on most things except live drums, Ian was adamant it should all be drum machines …I made a tough call and added them just in case, In the end Ian loved them and they stayed.
Producing great albums is not easy, which is why there aren’t that many great producers or albums out there at any given moment in time, it can also be a thankless endeavour and a cold caress, even when it’s a hit ( not in this case) but that’s not why we do it, we do it to help facilitate and create incredibly beautiful music into a world that can be overwhelming without it.
Essentially I’m a writer/producer, ( so my late manager Jaz Summers informed me) but whether I’m writing, producing or both, I give %100. ( not every artist asks me to co write and I respect that and as a general philosophy I never ask for it unless it’s been offered )
I’m honoured to play bass on this and co-write others on the album including this classic.
( Additional album production Andrea Wright )
This one Is for all the lovers out there ❤️
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Re: Youth on Meteorites

Postby Voodoo Billy » Tue May 30, 2023 7:12 am

"Exceptional"? "Classic"? the Youth of today eh, they don't half go overboard. :rolleyes:
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