Prog #2 Glide

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Prog #2 Glide

Postby fat cherry » Mon Dec 30, 2019 8:48 am

Just musing, and listening to the Sarge's/Glide performance album whilst doing something else and it occurred to me that my memory might be fading. I'm sure he gave this track as a free download around about christmas time 1999 - so 20 years ago, so also feeling old. But I could be wrong because I think he also gave the mindwinder rescue remix away once. And I only recall because that christmas one of my nippers was ill and having spent all night throwing up was at last sound asleep. so I got off the visit to the inlaws to stay and look after her - so whilst she snoozed and missed most of christmas day I downloaded the freebie on the old clockwork dial-up thingy. Does my memory serve me well or am I headed to the house of forgetting?
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