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Postby Mr. Brian » Sat Feb 16, 2008 6:19 pm

If anyone sees any porn posts on the forum, I'd really appreciate that rather than reply to them, that someone just inform me. Several of you have e-mailed or PM'd me in the past and one member actually went out of his way to look me up and phone me!

I've put additional measures in place to prevent this sort of thing in the future but I can't stop it all. I have changed the forum so that a new members first post cannot be to start a thread unless you have posted x amount of times. I also set the forum so that at least 10 characters must be used for a post to be valid from any member.

I may consider banning open proxies from countries like Vietnam and Poland which seem to be used by these folks.

Thanks again, all of you make this a great place to hang out.
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