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Postby Mr. Brian » Mon Apr 30, 2012 9:01 am

I don't think I've ever mentioned this before or it's been a while. I have an affiliate program at Amazon and Amazon UK. What does this mean?

When you see links to Amazon or Amazon UK in the discography or anywhere else on the site, I get a small percentage added to my account if you purchase that item.
Even if you arrive at the Amazon site via my link and purchase a different item, I still get a little kickback in the way of a gift certificate once the total reaches a certain level.

So, if you are already planning on purchasing anything at Amazon or Amazon UK, if you could use the following links to get there I'd appreciate it:

Amazon Affiliate Link

Amazon UK Affiliate Link

If you are purchasing a Bunnymen CD, please use the discography links to get there because I get a bigger percentage for direct links to products.

How does this help me? Well, I shop at Amazon often so it indirectly helps offset the costs of hosting this website.
Believe me, so far it hasn't been much. Every now and then I get a $10 gift certificate to Amazon but every little bit helps. In fact, I can tell you that since 2007, I have received a whopping $174.11 in gift certificates. That works out to $3.22 per month over the last 5 years but I can say it is nice to get that $14 gift certificate every now and then.
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