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Postby Mr. Brian » Mon May 21, 2018 7:23 am

The good news is I've been able to thwart all the spammers and bots who get through the registration process. The bad news is I've had to be more restrictive and added a required field. I get an e-mail each time someone attempts to register and then I can look at the required field and see if it's a legitimate response and then I look at the e-mail address for a cross check. This site doesn't get the traffic it used to and so far it's worked out well and only takes a minute for me to check. I try to get to these as soon as I can.

However...for some reason since May 19th I've had about 70 attempts at registration by spammers and bots. It's possible I missed a legitimate registration in the process. If you are still waiting to be approved, send me an e-mail at and state your case.

If this continues I may just dump the somewhat automated process altogether and go to a straight "e-mail the admin" vs having all these bots bombard me.
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